Delivery Options

We highly recommend that you read through this page first before placing any order on this site as it contains important information relevant to your online shopping.

All products under the Frozen Goods category are only available for the Click and Collect option. If your shopping cart contains any product under this category, then you will only have pick-up/collect option as shipping method. So, if you cannot collect your order, do not add to your cart any product under this category.

Pick-up / Click & Collect Option:

At the moment, Click and Collect is only available at our Wairau store branch. We will advise you through this page when this option also becomes available in our Henderson, Manukau and Hamilton store branches. Please check this page from time to time for updates.

We will endeavour to have your Click and Collect orders ready for collection within 24 hours of confirming your online order.

You will be notified by text/SMS and email when your Click and Collect order is already available for collection at your nominated store branch. We will only release the order to the person specified in the order provided the person has presented a valid ID.

Once you have received notification, you may collect your Click and Collect order anytime during store hours, from 9AM to 6PM, any day of the week. If your order includes any frozen products, we highly advise that you collect it within 24 hours from the time you have been notified. We will not be liable if your frozen products get spoiled if you don't collect within that period of time.

Click and Collect order has a flat service fee of $5.00. This fee is automatically waived if your total order amount is $100 or more.

Delivery via Courier Option:

If you cannot come to our store branch to pick-up your order, then this option is available for you.

Delivery via courier has a weight restriction of 15kg per package. Accordingly, if the total weight of your order exceeds this restriction, your order will be packaged per 15kg and your delivery cost will be computed separately for each package.

An order with a total amount of $100 or more gets a $5 discount on delivery fee on the first 15kg.

If you decide to use this option, it is very important that you have checked first whether the Town or City and Postal Code of your delivery address is in our database and have known its Delivery Zone and Courier Rate. To check it now, please visit this page

Courier service providers have divided New Zealand into several delivery zones and each zone has its own rate.

less than $100 order total$100 order total or more *
2. LOWER NORTH ISLAND$10.00$5.00
*Applies only on the first 15kg. of the order.

Courier Delivery Zones